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Foreword: Make a connection

Wed, 29 Jan 2014 | By Michael Barnett

The role of PR and communications is evolving. it is no longer only about media coverage but taking a central role in driving strategy and content creation, as integrated marketing becomes ever more important.

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Is your social media strategy 2014-ready?

Wed, 29 Jan 2014

This year social media will come of age with bolder experimentation and a move towards visual interactivity and commercialisation. To stay ahead, brands need to get smart.


Changing the status quo

PR Strategy January 2014

To change customer behaviour, brands need to go direct to the source - the audience, says the planning director at Kindred.


It's all a matter of context

PR Strategy January 2014

Content may drive storytelling but context creates impact, writes Gareth Davies, head of Studio D at Waggener Edstrom Communications.


Three reasons not to hire a PR agency

PR Strategy January 2014

Choosing the right PR agency is essential for any organisation. With the help of three key questions, that choice will be made easier.


The bottom line of mutual attraction

PR Strategy January 2014

Consumer interactions with brands across all platforms are constantly evolving. to ensure rewarding, long-lasting relationships flourish, follow these nine simple rules.


The year thinking in small steps got really big

PR Strategy January 2014

What does this year hold for brands in the health, food, and wellbeing sectors and what opportunities will changes in technology and consumer behaviour provide?


Following the yellow brick road to strategy success

PR Strategy January 2014

PR agencies are sometimes seen as being incapable of devising effective strategies, but by always having the client’s endgame in clear sight nothing is impossible.

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