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"This level of growth is unprecedented in today’s media and marketing arena"

Content marketing essays | By Clare Hill, managing director, Content Marketing Association

The content marketing industry has kick-started 2013 with a record number of multichannel initiatives in January and February, including a content-led website for Swarovski, in-store content for O2 and a new magazine for PruHealth and PruProtect.

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agency opinions: content marketing

Simon Penson

How to build a world-class content marketing process

Wed, 20 Mar 2013 | By Simon Penson, Zazzle Media

Teams with the right balance of skills are vital for reinventing PR and publishing for the digital age, says Simon Penson of Zazzle Media.

Catherine Toole

Unsexy, compliant and boring? The B2B content challenge

Wed, 20 Mar 2013 | By Catherine Toole, Sticky Content

Content marketing gurus often focus on glamorous B2C examples, says Catherine Toole of Sticky Content. But what are the tricks to producing high-quality B2B content marketing?

Simon Chappell

Publishers create the best content strategies for brands

Content marketing essays | By Simon Chappell, Summersault

Cutting-edge technology alongside specialists are best placed to deliver crafted brand stories and measurable results, says Simon Chappell.

Dan Linstead

For the best user-generated content, look to the newsstand

Content marketing essays | By Dan Linstead, Immediate Media

User-generated content lies at the heart of many consumer magazines. Content marketers should take note, says Immediate Media’s Dan Linstead.

Jon King

The Mad Man’s dream has run dry

Content marketing essays | By Jon King, Story Worldwide

Research proves that while mass media may be good at starting conversations, the power to change behaviour lies with the conversations themselves, writes Story Worldwide’s Jon King.

Dale Lovell

Native content growth means brands have big opportunities

Content marketing essays | By Dale Lovell, Content Amp

Behind the hype, the opportunities for switched-on brands to succeed with native content is very real indeed, says Dale Lovell of Content Amp.

Eric Ingrand

Big ideas, local insights: multicultural content marketing made easy

Content marketing essays | By Eric Ingrand, EnVeritas Group

Eric Ingrand of EnVeritas Group explains how adapting global themes to local values is key to effective multicultural marketing.

Alex Marks

Five prophecies for the future of content

Content marketing essays | By Alex Marks, River

River’s Alex Marks reflects on the growing trend towards paying for access - renting products rather than owning them - and what effect this will have on digital content in the future

Mags Walker

Talk about platforms must not cross the line

Content marketing essays | By Mags Walker, the fabl

Mags Walker of the fabl reveals what cross-platform content marketing really is while attempting to avoid the use of jargon

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