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sheree hellier

Build on traditional skills and welcome new ones

24 Jan 2013 | By Sheree Hellier, head of insight and programme development, IDM

Strip off and take the naked approach to training. This should be on the agendas of all marketing directors, managers and executives this year.


All together now

24 Jan 2013 | By Matthew Valentine

Training together as a team offers benefits to learners, a faster pace of development and more efficient ways to introduce new ideas to the workplace.


Accelerated learning

24 Jan 2013 | By Lucy Fisher

With marketers increasingly stretched, a range of new creative techniques are swiftly up-skilling teams with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities.


Playing for points and staff attention

24 Jan 2013 | By Nicola Smith

The latest trend of mixing training with gaming is having positive results for staff engagement and learning.


Confidence is king

24 Jan 2013

Digital is infiltrating direct marketing, and as the domains collide our roundtable guests discuss how marketers are coping with embracing new skills that will strengthen existing ones.

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