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Coke creates Reasons to Believe social media sculpture

Coca-Cola has created an art installation to showcase the feelings of optimism UK consumers are sharing in real-time on Twitter to bring to life its “Reasons to Believe” marketing campaign in an experiential setting.

Video: Coke “The Power of Optimism” social media sculpture

The one-day art piece was erected today (30 January) on London’s Southbank and is made up of 10 cubes, five of which are linked to a real-time feed of tweets sent in the UK. The cubes display 20 of the most regularly used positive words posted to Twitter in that time, such as “hope” and “proud”, which will light up as they are tweeted throughout the day.

Coca-Cola says the installation highlights findings of independent analysis carried out using social analytics tool Crimson Hexagon, which found positive tweets from the UK’s 15 million Twitter users have outnumbered those with negative sentiment by more than two to one so far this year.

The analysis also found for every mention of “ugly”, there were six uses of “beautiful”, for example, which chimes with the brand’s “Reasons to Believe” TV ad that launched last month. The ad creative offsets negative vignettes - such as a criminal running from the law - with positive scenes, such as people participating in a charity race.

Coca-Cola says it is considering how it will use the findings of the research, which also revealed insights such as the top five dates in 2013 when consumers tweeted the word “love”, to plan future campaigns this year.

Brid Drohan-Stewart, Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland marketing director, says it is hoped the art installation, dubbed The Power of Optimism and created by British artist David Boultbee, will inspire more consumers to share their “Reasons to Believe” across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as encouraging them to feel more optimistic generally.

She adds: “The Power of Optimism is designed to bring to life and celebrate our Reasons To Believe campaign in a creative and engaging way. It will allow people to see, at a glance, what online optimism looks like in real time. The installation puts the spotlight on life’s positives, bringing to life the optimism and positivity that Coca-Cola has always stood for over the last 127 years.  

“We hope that the installation acts as a thought-provoking tool that reminds people of their reasons to feel optimistic in January – a month typically characterised as the gloomiest month of the year.”

Coca-Cola has also been sharing images submitted by consumers via Instagram and Twitter as part of its Reasons to Believe campaign on its spot on London’s Piccadilly Lights sign since 17 January.

Video: Coca-Cola Reasons to Believe TV ad

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