When rebrands go wrong

(And how to avoid the pitfalls)

Clorets takes on Smint with 'mini mint' brand

Clorets, the breath freshener from Warner Lambert, is entering the "mini mint" market with the launch of Clorets Powerful Mints.

The mints, which are scheduled to launch this autumn, will cost about 1 - the same price as Chupa Chups-owned rival brand Smint. Nestlé launched a mini version of its Polo mint earlier this month, called Supermints, which sells for about 50p.

Clorets is already available as chewing gum or pastels. Established mini mint brands are estimated to hold about 20 per cent of the total mint market value, including chewing gum.

J Walter Thompson and Bates Dorland are on the Warner Lambert agency roster and it is believed the new Clorets brand will have some above-the-line advertising support this year.

A 1.7m TV advertising for Polo Supermints is scheduled to break shortly.

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