AtTask white paper: top 10 productivity problems marketing managers face and how to solve them

Frequent interruptions are the name of the game for most marketing managers. In fact, interruptions have become such a big problem that, according to a Basex report, knowledge workers spend 28 per cent of their day on unnecessary interruptions and recovery time.

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Whether they are quick-question ‘pop-ins’ by team members, requests for status updates by stakeholders or emergency work requests, there always seems to be someone demanding your time and attention. But constant interruption makes it difficult to keep your train of thought, slows your pace of work and can ultimately lead to missing deadlines.

While other work always comes up and there will be fires to put out, it is important to eliminate interruptions when you can. To ensure you have a solid block of uninterrupted time try to look for patterns in the interruptions (who, where and when).

Once you identify the typical triggers for interruptions, you can work to manage and minimise the interruptions. An easy solution is to establish two to three short blocks of time throughout the day when you will update or assist other people. You can ask the repeat interrupters to come back during your regularly scheduled time…

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