Bazaarvoice white paper: the Conversation Index Volume 6 — what are relationships made of?

At their best, commercial relationships are experiences built on trust, dialogue, mutual interest, collaboration and shared moments in time. Sounds a lot like the best human relationships, right? As the physical and digital worlds collapse into one, boundaries between commercial and human relationships are vanishing into the background.

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We think the best social technologies help make experiences such as shopping more human. From this perspective, every review, question, answer and helpfulness vote in the Bazaarvoice network is an opportunity to build better relationships between businesses and consumers.

In the Conversation Index Volume 6, we look at one of the most important dimensions of human and commercial relationships: responsiveness. How do responses to feedback — especially critical feedback — change the way consumers feel about products, brands and sellers? What do the most helpful responses have in common, and who typically provides them? In which product categories are consumers reaching out to businesses, and how can these response opportunities be detected at scale? …

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