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2014 is the year social media comes of age. It is when leading networking platforms that started out in the mid-2000s will embrace bolder experimentation and move towards visual interactivity, commercialisation and, eventually, consolidation. Content marketing (and especially video marketing) will lead storytelling. Consequently, this is also the year that brands will need to move on from being merely present on social media and instead get smart about their presence on it.

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In other words, 2014 will be super social for brand communications and PR, and those not joining the party will be left behind. To help you get your game right, we’ve laid out an action plan underpinned by quotes from industry experts and insight from both sides of the coin — what journalists look for on social media, based on our Social Journalism Study (SJS), and what top UK PR professionals currently use it for, based on research by Cision and CorpComms.

What the SJS study revealed: social media is now an everyday professional tool, with 96 per cent of UK journalists using it on a daily basis. While usage patterns vary, the majority of journalists use at least two types of social media platforms for professional tasks. Among the social networks, Twitter is the most popular, with 92 per cent of journalists using it for work in a typical week, up from 70 per cent just two years ago…

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