CyberSource white paper: payment management insights for faster, safer global expansion

If your company is like most, your global expansion plans are ambitious. Whether targeting one country or many, there’s pressure to get to market faster and accelerate financial returns. In the digital economy, the way you manage payment has become a critical factor influencing the time to market and financial success.

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As CyberSource engages with businesses around the world to support its e-commerce and m-commerce expansion plans, we find that they want to understand the payment considerations involved and how other companies are addressing them. This guide provides a framework for thinking through these issues and provides strategies you can use to deliver on your expansion initiatives. It will help you understand what to focus on and how to avoid common mistakes when it comes to one of the most critical success factors for global growth: payment management.

This paper provides a general payment planning framework for global expansion and illustrates key points using examples from countries across the world. If you’d like more information about payment considerations for a particular country, please contact us for one of our country factsheets, which include information on online payment preferences and other factors affecting payment management and operations…

Click here to read the full white paper.

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