Experian white paper: cross-channel marketing platforms buyer’s guide

Today, most marketing organisations are experiencing immense changes that are reshaping virtually every facet of the customer experience. Endless supplies of devices and channels connected through a hyper-expanding network that never sleeps have combined to create a consumer class that wants — no, needs — meaningful connections to the products, services and brands they find of interest.

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The result has been a kind of polar reversal in the brand-consumer power dynamic — the consumer gobbles up more and more control of the so-called ‘buyer’s journey’, while marketers engage in a desperate struggle to catch up (let alone get back in front of the curve).

The result is an abrupt (and escalating) pressure on corporate marketing organisations to become experts in this new customer-centric terrain, to take up position on every possible customer channel and to recognise — and intelligently engage — their customers wherever and whenever they choose to make contact…

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