Oracle white paper: five tenets of modern marketing - analytics

More than ever, marketers are being held accountable for demonstrating how marketing investments directly translate into sales. That’s why modern marketing is fuelled by intelligent data analytics and reporting. Implementing the proper analytics systems can help you make critical decisions regarding which parts of your marketing efforts are working or not and provide the reporting tools necessary to justify those decisions by connecting them directly with pipeline and revenue.

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By implementing systems for reporting and intelligence, you can better understand the impact that sales and marketing efforts are having on overall business. You then can refine strategies and develop repeatable processes for success.

An analytics-driven modern marketer understands the value in transforming a company website into a powerful tool for systematically driving lead generation and cultivating, engaging and capturing sales opportunities. Marketing automation helps manage your workflow so you can glean key data that will maximise your customer relationship management (CRM), social monitoring and business intelligence (BI) investments. Core analytics metrics include: digital behavioural history; inquiry to customer conversion rates; most popular website pages and time spent on page; and leading referrers, search engines and keywords…

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