Oracle white paper: five tenets of modern marketing - conversion

Because the majority of B2B buying decisions are made before a sales person even gets involved, the role of marketing has changed. This evolution in buying behaviour demands a radical shift in how companies are aligning marketing and sales to maximise conversion rates.

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Intelligently automating marketing campaign delivery and lead scoring, as well as adding a social layer to your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, helps enhance the flow of information between dispersed sales and marketing organisations. By automating your campaigns, you can improve the buyer’s experience, develop loyal relationships and track conversion data more effectively. In addition, automated campaigns have higher conversation rates, are much more resilient for maintenance and can feed critical information directly into existing CRM systems in real time.

Modern marketers mine conversion data to gain insights into marketing efforts, providing insight on trends, stage conversion history and other key metrics. Core competencies for modern conversion strategies include the ability to: compare multiple media at a glance (e-mail, search, downloads, etc); roll up reports to gauge overall performance against goals; uncover which marketing campaigns are producing revenue; and dramatically increase response rates for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities…

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