Oracle white paper: five tenets of modern marketing - engagement

Buyers demand and deserve value-based interactions across all points of engagement. More importantly, timing and relevance are critical factors for content delivery and sales engagement. In the modern marketplace, customer centricity is the driving force of meaningful, mutually beneficial engagement. No longer can marketers or sales reps relegate communications to company- or product-centric conversations. To engage with prospects and customers in a significant way, you have to be where your customers are. How do you do that? By establishing your target audience’s preferred channels.

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The modern marketing era is driven by the self-educated buyer who marketers must engage to achieve a relevant, targeted and value-based customer experience. Effective marketers are enhancing their understanding of how data can fuel the delivery of meaningful interactions. This access to vast sources of critical information simply can’t be gleaned manually.

It’s imperative to prioritise the delivery of the right content via the right medium at the right time, using an appropriate mix of activities such as PR, web, social media/blogging, events and demand gen…

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