Responsys white paper: the new school marketer’s guide to email deliverability

Do you have eight-plus years of digital marketing experience under your belt? Then you’ll remember the heyday of batch and blast. This was when the access to data and the ability to segment users and content were not readily available and the metrics used to measure success were all related to volume and list size. Sending massive amounts of emails resulted in sales, site visits and clicks. And it actually worked.

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The side effect of this was a mentality created by the management food chain that email marketing was easy. Executives saw this as an affordable channel that seemed to have unlimited scalability. If you sent out 100 email messages today and generated $10 in revenue, it stood to reason that if you sent 200 messages out tomorrow you would generate $20. ‘Batch and blast’ was off and running.

In today’s world, where an estimated 216.6 million Americans are email users, which represents nearly 89 per cent of total internet users, it’s not enough to simply hit the inbox to run a successful email program. Your recipients have to interact with your messages — they have to open and click around. Today’s reality demands that you centre your marketing around the customer by orchestrating messages that are relevant to each individual’s preferences and behaviour…

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