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Synthesio white paper: be social driven — succeeding with social customer care

The social web has opened up countless new channels for customers to voice opinions about products and brands. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks house much of this dialogue, but the conversation spills over into a vast array of blogs, forums, news and review sites. Brands can’t expect to control the tenor of every conversation across such sprawling terrain, but with the right tools they can listen and engage strategically.

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That is why smart businesses are equipping themselves with social tools that don’t just help them manage their online reputation, but enable them to participate in key conversations, provide customer service and capitalise on marketing and upsell opportunities. These capabilities comprise a customer service methodology known as social customer care — in which brands use social insights to strategically communicate with customers and provide real-time customer service across the social web.

The need for consumer-facing brands to adopt social customer care stems in large part from social media’s ability to drive word-of-mouth sales. Consumers tend to base purchasing decisions on recommendations from people they know — rather than traditional brand marketing — and with the rise of social media much of this ‘shopper intel’ gets exchanged online. Listening to these discussions can help brands gauge their social pulse: What are customers saying about them? Which products — and product features — are resonating? What are the stumbling blocks? Since social media facilitates so many of these discussions, it’s crucial for brands to be tuned in so they can pick up on opportunities and threats and respond accordingly…

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