Is marketing an art or a science?

Data specialists discuss the age-old question and provide some unexpected answers.

With the rise of the importance of data driven insights in devising marketing strategy, the age-old question of whether marketing is an art or science has gained fresh momentum. Watch what data professionals have to say in this video and you may find a few surprises. The featured specialists are all judges for this year’s Data Strategy Awards 2013 and include representatives from British Gas Business, Post Office, TUI UK and more. Tables are still available for the Data Strategy Awards on 7 February and you can find out more here.

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  • I thought Good Science builds theories of the world that generate hypotheses. Comments here make no mention of this in context of marketing. Rory Sutherland even has said marketing now has no theories. (which is a shame if true)

    Good Art can makes you re-think your whole relationship with the reality.

    Impression given here is that marketing is just about messaging and communications. I thought marketing with a big M was meant to be the centre of a business. Has something changed?

    Implies also that where there are numbers and measurement that makes what you do "science"

    made me think we need to make better distinctions about types of "insight" that "data" can deliver.

    Seems to me that Big insights are more ART driven, and the insights for "tweaking" comms are smaller and more test and learn SCIENCE.

    So expect breakthrough thinking to come from Art side, and operational efficiency and optimisation to be more from the Science side of the "and".

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