John Lewis reveals Christmas campaign

Check out John Lewis’ Christmas campaign


John Lewis has launched its Christmas ad campaign to highlight the “joy of giving” featuring a cover of Elton John’s “Your Song” performed by Brit Award winner Ellie Goulding.

The Christmas theme highlights the length people go to keep gifts a secret and is designed to bring to life Christmas rituals.

The 60-second ad, created by Adam & Eve, uses the strapline: “For those who care about showing they care” and features scenes such as a child leaving a Christmas stocking for the family dog.

The campaign launches on 13 November and will run for five weeks. It will be supported with in store, online and social media activity.

It builds on the previous John Lewis Christmas campaign, which focused on the joy of receiving gifts and continues its strategy of featuring covers of classic songs performed by upcoming artists.

The ad follows recent campaigns including its Never Knowingly Undersold ad featuring a version of Billy Joel’s “Always a Woman” performed by Fyfe Dangerfield from the Guillemots, and last year’s Christmas ad which featured a cover of Guns & Roses “Sweet Child O’Mine” by folk group Taken By Trees.

Craig Inglis, director of marketing, John Lewis, says: “The ad campaign reflects the truths about John Lewis and the breadth of its product range. It positions John Lewis as the place to go for thoughtful gifts. I hope it demonstrates intelligence and originality without using clichés.

“Last year we focused on the joy of receiving presents so this year we felt it was important to show the emotions we all experience at Christmas when choosing and giving gifts to others. We all have our well worn rituals at this time of year and we wanted to bring them to life in this campaign.”

Goulding’s version of ’Your Song” was produced in collaboration with Ben Lovett from Mumford and Sons and is available on iTunes and

Readers' comments (16)

  • Since when was John Lewis an American brand? I feel it's lost it's "homely"/traditional routes through this art direction.

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  • Anonymous, I think you're confusing high production values, great photography and beautiful grading with 'American' branding. A piece of branded content intended for local and global viral distribution needs to mimic HBO not Channel Five. Cosy rooms, pretty snow-dusted exteriors, being kind to the dog - what could be more homely and traditional - with a modern gloss?

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  • aaah loved it, big thumbs up for the end, not many think of the animals when advertising!...well done John Lewis.

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  • I agree with Anonymous's 2nd half of his personality (the afternoon posting). Lovely emotive advertising, which captures the heart & the shopper's purse.
    If Anonymous 1 doesn't get it, then I feel sorry for anyone in anonymous 1's half of the household at Christmas.
    Hold it, I must be Anonymous 3. What's going on in here?

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  • What is there to criticise? It's about caring.
    Its about giving. Its about associating John Lewis with these key Christmas emotions.
    It does what its meant to do. This time of the year you can get away with anything that says aaaaah. Can't you?

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  • I think it's decidedly odd that they've chosen a verse in the song that says 'I don't have much money'. Unless John Lewis are bringing out a budget range I don't know about...

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  • Harvey,

    In these belt-tightening times, with consumers sitting on their cash, is it possible that the advertising is meant to be communicate and associate with the notion of the 'real' meaning of Christmas?

    You know? Not the Jesus story - this is advertising after all.

    I mean the modern take: the giving back in small but meaningful ways, to those you love and who love you back? Man's best friend etc.

    I'm pretty sure John Lewis won't be the only retailer tapping that vein to try and muster sales this Christmas.

    John Lewis, as you observe, are in the business of flogging stuff. They've been doing it for nearly 150 years. With a pedigree like that, I'd suggest that they know a thing or two about sales.

    John Lewis will surely be positioning a budget range this year with the bleakest economic outlook many people have faced for a long time. However, I don't think the kid had to climb chimneys to buy the doggy stocking - it's Cheam not Beiruit.

    This type of branded content Is not for the 'Bah Humbug brigade' but it makes me want to light a cinnamon-scented candle and make mince pies. I probably won't do the latter but good advertising inspires and produces a response. I will light the candle.

    I give it a thumbs up because they spent the cash on-screen and rely on quality content for free/viral distribution.

    They also opened their doors to a BBC doc crew. A brave but effective decision leading to a really high quality primetime series that served as feature-length free advertising for John Lewis as a business and an organisation.

    The marketing head behind this work is making great content that audiences want to watch and share. Scott Monty at Ford is doing the same.

    But I guess it's worth wondering about the 'apparent' contradiction posed by the lyrics . . .

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  • guerillakitchen,

    My comment was a bit more bah-humbug than I intended - I actually think it's a good ad, and I like the song and the HBO-like richness. My only point is that when I think of John Lewis, the words 'I don't have much money' clang a bit, which is a shame because otherwise I was only getting the candle-lighty, mince-pie makey feelings you got.

    Now excuse me, my staff are begging me to let them put another lump of coal on the fire, the bloody scroungers!

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  • The dog tied on outside ,and on its own??So much for caring !!

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  • Just a little disappointed that John Lewis has decided to ruin the magic for children who still "believe". Yes, I know the ad is aimed at adults and, while I appreciate that other brands are not exactly upholding the spirit of Christmas, I hoped for a little more sensitivity from John Lewis. btw I think the lyrics are a perfect acknowledgement of the fact that, for many, this will be a cut-back Christmas.

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