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Asda to add social media recommendations to packaging

Asda is looking to make its Chosen By You own-brand food range more “emotional” by adding real social media posts from customers about its products to packaging and point of sale where the items sit.

Asda Chosen By You

A sample of the Chosen By You range.

The supermarket has invited customers to tweet and write Facebook posts about the range using a #ChosenByMe hashtag. The best posts are being curated into a hub page on the Asda.com website, from which some will be selected to appear on in-store POS barkers and on-pack stickers - with the customer’s permission.

Asda kicked off the pre-launch phase of the #ChosenByMe project over the weekend and the hashtag has already amassed more than 2,000 mentions across Facebook and Twitter. It has also added call to action #ChosenByMe stickers and POS material across selected products in-store.

ChosenBeMe call to action stickers

Dom Burch, Asda head of social media, told Marketing Week the idea behind the campaign is to aggregate the existing goodwill about the range on social media and to humanise the Chosen By You brand.

He adds: “We’ve had Chosen By You for the last four years and it’s helped customers re-evaluate Asda food and that unloved bit in the middle [between Smart Price and Extra Special]. We are trying to take that to the next level and be more overt about the best parts of it. We are hoping it will be more emotional as the [blind taste testing and market research that goes into selecting Chosen By You products] can seem quite clinical.

“Pam from Peterborough talking about how our key lime pie is #todiefor, says it far more credibly than if we said that ourselves.”

The social media-curated POS will appear in stores in the coming weeks.

Asda’s Chosen by You range now offers more than 1,000 lines. The gradual expansion of the range forms part of Asda’s strategy to differentiate from other supermarkets beyond price by increasing its provision and marketing of accessible quality lines. 

The supermarket currently is in the process of making a decision on appointing a new ad agency, having dropped the incumbent Saatchi and Saatchi from the pitch for its estimated £100m account. VCCP and JWT London are the final two agencies left pitching for the business. 

Readers' comments (9)

  • Gah. It's impossible to do anything these days without knowing everyone's opinion on everything. I really don't care what saddos that have nothing better to do have been saying about Asda products on Twitter.

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  • It is brilliant when a thoroughly mainstream brand such as Asda shows the rest of the marketing world what can be done with social media

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  • I wonder how social media reviews will be selected? Good review = print; bad review = delete?

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  • I agree with Tony, couldn't care less what saddos have been saying about Asda!

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  • On the face of it its a clever idea, not necessarily ground breaking and ASDA are simply using a medium that's absolutley massive to gain some share - its not going to hurt, no-one, regardless of how sad you think peoples view of food is, are going to say "I'm not buying that pizza because Michelle from Peterborough thinks its yummy" - it might not shift the dial a great deal, perhaps in a decisive monmet where peole ar estuck for choice this might make a difference. Its great to see some positive marketing trials on packaging driven by people, albeit on a branded platform. What would be neat is a holistic social view - nevermind the best comments, scanning the package with a smartphone and going direct to the full list of views might put the use of social into the purest domioan of what social is suppozed to be about, honest conversations, with a possible sales conversion at the end.

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  • At first when reading this I thought whats the world coming too especially when Facebook has just been fined $20m for doing just this and endorsing campaigns BUT without peoples consent.

    Then I thought about this campaign and personally i think its brilliant - Just like you would go on to Trip Advisor to book a trip and hotel and read the reviews. They are doing a similar thing by getting the public to write a comment that will go on to the packaging to endorse the food. You go into the shop see the product read the comment and if you like the review you will try the product! Brilliant!!

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  • Just to add to my above comment - I have to agree with the above comments too because I personally wont be suede to buy something just because some one has endorsed it.

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  • Hii Joe Griffiths- Barrasso ,

    I agree with you. I would like to say thanks for your comment.

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  • TONY-

    I don't want to read comments from saddos like you who clearly have nothing better to do than comment on posts like this and insult great campaign ideas

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