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Heinz: A history in ads

After Warren Buffett’s historic $28bn acquisition of Heinz, Marketing Week takes a look at some of the iconic Heinz advertising from its 144 year history.

A 1950s animated ad heralded Worcestershire sauce as a “miraculous” way to pep up home cooking, and highlighted that it didn’t matter how you pronounce ‘Worcestershire’ as long as you get the Heinz part right.

The Beanz Meanz Heinz slogan was introduced in 1967 and has gone on to become one of the best known and loved brand slogans ever.

In 1971, Heinz’ western themed “Slowest Ketchup in the West” ads celebrated Heinz Tomato Ketchups’ slow pour from the bottle compared with lesser rivals to highlight its superior quality.


By 1979, Heinz was all about the anticipation with the strapline “the taste that’s worth the wait” in this US commerical.


In the 1980s Heinz urged mums “not to be mean with the beans” after a family holiday to Spain was ruined because the kids didn’t like the food and missed Heinz.

In the US, before his days as Joey from Friends, Matt Le Blanc was the Heinz Ketchup boy setting up a high rise stunt to get Heinz Tomato Ketchup on his New York hot dog, in this 1987 ad.

In 2008, Heinz pulled a controversial ad for its Hellmann’s Deli mayo that showed two men kissing, after more than 200 complaints.

From 2009, it had to be Heinz, with TV ads that promoted the full range of Heinz soups and sauces as part of the firm’s biggest ad push in five years.

In its latest UK ad, Heinz loves winter. What better reason to stay in and enjoy Heinz Tomato Soup than the frightful British winter outside?

Heinz was formed in 1869 by Henry J Heinz and L Clarence Noble as Heinz & Noble. It launched in the UK in 1886.

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  • can anyone help me to find the 4 adverts for Heinz soups featuring poetry and Lady smith Black Mombazo.They were works of art.I think they were in the '80s.

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  • Oh yes! I came looking for the same thing as the last commenter. The tomato soup ad with the long distance lorry driver in foul weather, with African music and an English proverb at the end. Would love to see it again.

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