Mobile accounts for 20% of Facebook ad spend

One in every five pounds (20.3 per cent) spent on Facebook advertising now targets mobile users despite its premium cost according to research.


The substantial demand for Facebook’s mobile inventory comes despite mobile inventory being priced at 70 per cent higher than desktop inventory which cost $1.38 and $0.81 respectively.

The claims come after a study by social media agency Kenshoo Social, one of Facebook’s strategic preferred marketing developer, analysed over 2m Facebook ad clicks and conversions by global advertisers.

Aaron Goldman, Kenshoo CMO, says: “The world’s top brands have embraced Facebook mobile advertising and we expect the channel to become increasingly competitive as new devices, like those on display at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, deliver enhanced interactive experiences.”

A further breakdown of the ad formats also compares spend on the two major smartphone and tablet operating systems, Android and iOS, concluding that Android dominates Facebook spend on smartphones commanding 71 per cent of all spend compared to iOS’ 29 per cent.

Meanwhile, 97 per cent of all Facebook spend on tablet devices targets iPad users with only 3 per cent of tablet spend targeting Android users.

The findings show significant progress by Facebook whose perceived lack of ability to monestise its massive mobile audience (over 600 million) led to its stock price diving shortly after its debut on the Nasdaq mid-way through 2012.

No base findings were available in the Kenshoo Social study but Facebook said that its advances in mobile advertising helped spur a 32 per cent grow in revenue in its last quarterly statement.

Speaking at the time of the earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, said that users of the social network’s mobile products are “more engaged” and that it would seek to introduce new advertising products and improve the user experience on smartphones.

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