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National Lottery brand suffers from Lotto changes

Camelot’s recent changes to its Lotto game, including the doubling of its price, appear to have disgruntled the public according to YouGov data, but the National Lottery operator insists sales are on the rise.  


Earlier this year, the National Lottery operator announced its was to overhaul its weekly Saturday draw with the new look Lotto game offering users more opportunities to win new prizes, including a new ‘raffle game’ with 1,000 winners per week, jackpot prizes of £10m. 

Camelot kicked off its “biggest ever” marketing campaign in September to communicate the changes in the run up to the eventual introduction of the changes this month but data from YouGov’s BrandIndex shows initial consumer distaste with the overhaul. 

The National Lottery’s index score -  an average of a brand’s quality, value, satisfaction, recommendation, reputation and impression in the eyes of the consumers - dropped four points in the four weeks to 10 October, with its rating dropping from +1.0 to -3 during the period. 

Similarly, its brand ‘impression’ score dropped from 13 to 6 during the period, while its ‘satisfaction’ ranking slumped from 6.7 to 3.1 during the same period. 

YouGov’s data also shows that overall ‘purchase intent’ also dipped, with its ranking in this category dropping from 18.3 on 10 September to 17.7 as of today (10 October).

However, Camelot’s alterations and subsequent messaging have increased awareness of the brand, and struck a chord with its existing customer base in particular. 

Camelot’s ‘ad awareness’ ranking rose from 26 to 34 in the four weeks to 10 October (its through the line campaign kicked off in earnest on 26 September). Its ‘current customer’ score also rose from 39 to 41 during the period, according to YouGov’s data. 

However, Sally Cowdry, Camelot marketing director, maintains the immediate impact of both the Lotto changes and subsequent ad campaign have been positive and led to an immediate increase in sales. 

She says: “The launch of new Lotto represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make the changes needed to reinvigorate players’ interest in the game, reverse its sales decline and get it back into growth.”

Cowdry does acknowledge Camelot’s price rise will lead to an immediate drop in brand metrics but remains confident the “needed” changes to the Lotto proposition – which gives participants more chances to win prizes – will help it reverse a historic sales decline. 

She says: “When looking at brand health data, we recognise that there is often a lag in impacts on consumer sentiment.

“We are confident that the campaign we launched last month will help players truly understand the new game and the fantastic prizes on offer. This, combined with our current media partnerships and our ongoing work on the other key brands in the National Lottery portfolio, will mean that our strategy will pay off over time.”

In contrast, the Health Lottery, which launched a reactive campaign highlighting that its price tag was half that of the Lotto’s at just £1, has seen its brand metrics improve during the same period, with its overall ‘index’ score rising from -2.7 to -0.2 during the same four week period.  

Readers' comments (54)

  • I am a frequent player of Lotto and I have recently stopped playing, the Health Lottery has given away two weeks free play for new users which I have taken then up on and never looked back. The Lotto was not broken, so why try and fix it? This will be the end of Lotto as Euromillions is £2 per play and the jackpots are far higher. What's next £3 Euromillions? For those of you wanting to play the Health Lottery you can get two weeks free play.

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  • People want to win big jackpots not piffling prizes - thats why when its a rollover sales go up.

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  • I spent £84 per month on the old lotto. This enabled me to enjoy a daily gamble on the lotto, seven lines per day, seven days a week. Now the daily option has gone because the 'plus five' was cancelled, the fun has gone. So no more lotto for me.

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  • I do not think its wise for anyone to waste their £2 on the lottery where previously it was £1. I for one will not be buying a ticket because of the principle of it. I will give my £2 two lines play directly to a charity of my choice. Joe public should wise up and boycott the lottery until camelot come to their senses and revert back to £1

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  • I along with my friends have stopped playing lotto, Camelot are just ripping the public off.
    What you will find is that the people who can least afford it will still play, hoping for that big win, which is unlikely to come.

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  • To double the cost of the lottery overnight is a huge mistake.
    I for one will no longer be buying any of Camelot's products.

    New Lotto =
    Double the cost.
    The same odds of winning.
    yet 5 and the bonus prize is Halved!

    So price inflation might of seen the tickets reach £2 naturally over the years. (an annual increase in price would have been acceptable to me). but a £100,000 prize, becoming a £50,000 one at the same time (for the same odds) is a con.

    If i was to stake £2.00 on the £1 game a few weeks ago, I would of won an average of £200,000 for matching 5 + the bonus. to stake £2 now, just to win a quarter (average £50k). Someone's winning and I know it isn't me!

    They should of just scapped the Wednesday lotto instead. This would of brought the game back to life. and would have brought with it larger Saturday jackpots & rollovers increasing the sales more than enough to cover the missing mid-week draw.

    but what do I know, I'm just another gullable punter, being swallowed up by a Profit making machine!

    ...well not this time. The general public has wised up.

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  • I have had the same numbers since lotto started I was angry when they started doing lotto weds and Saturday as my weekly gamble doubled but now I am not buying any tickets at all ever again

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  • I have played the lotto every Wednesday and Friday ever since you could buy your tickets on line. However now that the price has doubled to £2 I will save my money for the Euromillions roll-over.
    And as for the 'catchy' new song on the ads - beyond irritating...

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  • No more lottery for Me, upping the price, its just greedy. Government are also to blame for letting them do it. Not an increase in price, DOUBLE.

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  • drop the lotto put your money on the
    thunderball better chance of winning
    something who wants millions a few thousand will do me

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