Plenty unveils new “Juan Sheet” brand icon

SCA is unveiling a £3m marketing campaign for its household towel brand Plenty, themed around “Juan Sheet”, its latest brand icon.

The company has allocated just over a third of its £8.5m marketing spend for the brand to a new television campaign, which is set to air from Monday (19 April).

The ad will build on the brand’s core message; ‘One sheet does Plenty’ which was introduced in 2009, using the new brand icon Juan Sheet.

The icon will replace the housewife duo Brenda and Audrey in the new-look TV advertisements. The introduction of Juan Sheet - which SCA describes as “the sexy, Latino, cleaning superhero” forms one of the final stages of the brand’s migration from Bounty to Plenty.

The ad will see Juan Sheet  saving the day by cleaning up spills with just one (or ‘Juan’) sheet of Plenty – bringing to life the brand’s key messages in a fun and creative way.

The ad shows a housewife struggling to clean up a spill with ordinary paper towel, only to be “rescued” by Juan Sheet and his one sheet of Plenty.

Plenty’s brand marketing controller, Emma Heald, comments: “We’re really excited by the introduction of the new Plenty icon, Juan Sheet. Whilst we’ve had great success with Brenda and Audrey, we felt it was time to inject new energy into the brand and we feel this new icon personifies the brand’s character and core messages in a more powerful way”.

SCA says it believes the new icon will help echo the success Plenty experienced during 2009, when despite undergoing a major brand migration, the brand increased its market share year-on-year.

Multi-platform below-the-line strategies that will support the new TV campaign and amplify the brand’s key messages are also planned.  Experiential, a consumer money-back guarantee, direct marketing and significant in-store activity along with a national PR campaign will all work to reinforce Plenty’s number one status.

The Plenty website will also be updated and will act as an anchor for all digital, promotional marketing and PR activity.

Readers' comments (41)

  • Brenda and Audrey were funnier..

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  • Quite possibly the funniest advert of the year, maybe even the decade. Class.

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  • I thought he was Nicolas Cage. I like Brenda and Audrey more. Did think it odd Nicolas Cage doing advert haha

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  • Thought the advert was hilarious but not sure the advertising company thought this through, the guy does sound like he keeps sayin "one sh*t"

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  • Bez, you don't think the advertising company thought this through? Some advertising exec somewhere came up with this genius deliberately. And fair play to 'em for airing it.

    Love the Nick Cage shout, less 'Gone in 60 Seconds', more 'Gone in Juan Sheet'...

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  • absolutely halerious. i was giggling to my self for hours afterwards and it still tickles me now!!...well done advertising team!

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  • Amazing! Wonder how the creatives got that through, makes a change! Doesn't sound like one shit to me but people love to sensationalise...adverts with fiona philips are allowed on tv, far more offensive.

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  • this advert is great , we too thought it was nicholas cage playing "Juan Sheet" lol lol does anybody know the guy,s real name

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  • I thought I must have a gutter mind for hearing one sh*t instead of one sheet.

    I love that its not just me.

    Keeps making me giggle every time I hear it, but then I am a primary teacher!

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  • gary, 2.5.10 his real name is joe ferrara and he can 'wan sheet' me any day!!!!!!!lol

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