Premier Foods to bring back Oxo Family

Premier Foods is relaunching stock cube brand Oxo with a £2m marketing campaign with a focus on an X-Factor inspired competition, new product variants and revamped packaging.

Oxo Family

This weekend it will launch “The Oxo Factor” campaign and invite families to make their own Oxo advertisement showing how they use Oxo to flavour their meals.

Five of the best films will be aired on national TV from mid-October to December, with viewers able to vote for their favourite ad.

The Oxo Factor winner will then be aired during the final of ITV’s reality talent show The X Factor.

Advertising is being handled by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy.

The original “Oxo Family” appeared in its advertising for several years until 1999.

In 2007, it then resurrected the creative idea by casting a new family to reflect the 21st century - with a younger, multi-cultural household.

Meanwhile, the product itself will also change its current stock cube format into X-shaped cubes for a limited time.

Packaging across the entire Oxo range has been updated, with shiny foil detail added to packs aimed at improving shelf standout and bring the design up to date.

The brand will also be adding Oxo Reduced Salt
Stock Granules to the product range. The limited edition X-shaped stock will also come in new packaging.

The Oxo range includes various flavoured stock cubes, herbs and spices and dried gravy.

In 2006, Premier Foods acquired brands such as Oxo and Batchelors following a deal to buy the UK and Irish operations of the Campbell Soup Company for £450m.

Readers' comments (21)

  • They are just jumping onto the gravy train!

    PS I like my mashed potato with Oxo - nyum nyum nyum!

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  • What is the point in changing the shape of oxo? Why go to the trouble and expense of changing the tooling just to make the cube look more like an X? It's not going to sell any more.
    I thought at first it was a crafty way of decreasing the weight until it was said that the weight would be the same but the cube would be more concentrated.
    Apparently, the reason for the change is to make the cube easier to crumble. That's rubbish. When did anyone have trouble crumbling an oxo cube - even with arthritis in the fingers?
    Anyway, if the cube is now to be more concentrated, then that's going to make it harder to crumble aint it? Crazy man!

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  • what has happenend to your mexican stock cubes cant find them anywhere

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  • I've been to nearly all the big superstores and can't find Mexican, Indian or Italian stock cubs anywhere - they have just disappeared of the shelfs?

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  • where oh where are the Italian Stock Cubes?

    Try as I might I cannot find them in any supermarket, and I object to payover over the odds PLUS exorbitant p&p for them.

    What's going on?

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  • I too loved the Mexican Oxo Cubes and can't find anything like them in replacement. I emailed Premier Foods at the end of 2008 and this is the response I got:

    We are sorry that you have experienced difficulty in obtaining this product, as I am sure you will appreciate we are unable to dictate to our customers which of our products they stock.

    Unfortunately the Chinese, Indian and Mexican varieties have all been discontinued from the Herbs and Spice range, leaving only the Italian variety. This variety is stocked with Sainsbury and Tesco.

    Whilst confirming that the major retailers mentioned above purchase the product, we only deliver into their central distribution network and as such, have no control over which stores actually stock the product. May we suggest that you ask in store at customer services for assistance. We are sure staff there will be happy to assist you.

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  • Oxo Cubes have had some great marketing campaigns. And they've always marked significant anniversaries with special editions, collectible boxes, etc. Just checked with Premier Foods as 2010 is Oxo's centenary. They said: "Sorry to disappoint, but we regret to advise that we do not have any plans for this product."

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  • cant we start a facebook campaign to get Mexican and Italian oxo cubes back?

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  • So sad that Chinese, Indian and Mexican cubes are no longer produced. Can't they be brought back for a year or so? We used them nearly every day and miss them enormously. Come on Oxo makers, listen to us all.

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