Working towards a single customer view

10 July 2014

I agree that at present ‘the single customer view (SCV) is unattainable’. In our experience, many companies have a long way to go in gathering data from established channels such as websites, mobile apps and social media and across devices. 

Extended influence of the baby-boomers

Wed, 2 Jul 2014

Your article on baby-boomers established how older people are feeling ignored by advertisers – and rightly so. But the real trick that marketers may be missing lies in the increasing scope of product sectors across which these baby-boomers are now the primary purchasers.

This 50-something is digging her heels in

26 June 2014

Did Marketing Week intentionally use Hotter as an example of bad practice or was it simply a wonderful example of irony? Making a sweeping statement such as: “ When we reach 50… comfort starts to override the more glamorous aspects of footwear” is exactly the kind of stereotyping that us 50+ consumers find so annoying. 

Sony right to take stand

Wed, 18 Jun 2014

I couldn’t help feeling a little incensed by Mark Ritson’s ‘Caveat Patronus – let FIFA Sponsors Beware’. The question isn’t whether Sony has the right to demand such behaviours. Rather, it is about the most basic of ethical behaviours that we all expect of the organisations we work with: transparency, openness, and honesty.

The CDO is not dead

Wed, 11 Jun 2014

There needs to be a much wider appreciation of what the chief digital officer’s (CDO) role entails. It’s true that digital elements underpin many departments within an organisation but it would be erroneous to simply incorporate the senior digital role into that of the chief marketing officer.

What's in a name?

Wed, 4 Jun 2014

Mark Ritson’s take on the Dixons Carphone merger was excellent. A very funny, very pointed look at every type of disappointing rebrand there’s ever been.

Dixons/carphone merger is a prescient move

Wed, 21 May 2014

News of the Carphone Warehouse and Dixons merger comes as little surprise since the two have been in talks for months, but it will leave many wondering what the implications are for consumers. 

Retailers' price cuts are hard to avoid

Wed, 14 May 2014

The pressure from supermarkets to cut prices throws into question the value consumers place in brands. Sainsbury’s Justin King played down his rivals’ price cutting tactics as a “skirmish” but our research found that 85 per cent of people now prioritise cost over ethics when they shop, and only 13 per cent ...

Letters: A new focus for Vision 100

Wed, 7 May 2014

Recently, Marketing Week launched its Vision 100 list. it purports to highlight the 100 most visionary marketers around. It’s a great list, full of inspirational people who have genuine achievements to their names. However, you’ll be lucky ?to find a B2B marketer in there, ?and that’s disappointing.

What women want

1 May 2014

It’s not just mums marketers are failing (‘The five myths of marketing to mums’). Too many brands concentrate on female stereotypes, treating women as a homogenous group rather than individuals. Worse, they are often ignored by marketers, or patronised with a ‘pink it and shrink it’ approach.

Letters: Segmentation will alienate individuals

24 April 2014

I read with interest ‘UK consumers underwhelmed by their experience with brands’ ( and it comes as no surprise that many customers feel this way. With some brands still looking at consumers in segments rather than as individuals there will continue to be disconnect in customer experience as individual interests are not being recognised.

Letters: A step too far

17 April 2014

I was pleased to hear Coca-Cola’s European vice-president of marketing dismiss concerns that its World Cup sponsorship may be threatened by ambush marketing

Letters: The drawbacks of segmentation

10 April 2014

My mum has always been amused by my attempts to pigeonhole her into the ‘mum’ box. She is a Black Sabbath fan. An educational psychologist and a feminist.

Letters: Meet the locals

3 April 2014

Your article ‘New leverage in local media?’ rightly highlights the massive opportunity presented by the local TV revolution for brands seeking to reach new audiences.

Letters: Traffic light confusion

27 March 2014

I see Lucy Tesseras’s point in her article ‘Understanding food labels’ and support healthy messaging on packs.

A slice of support for kingsmill’s great white

Wed, 19 Mar 2014

I don’t usually disagree with Mark Ritson but this time he’s laid it on a bit thick in ‘Why Kingsmill will fail to butter up the public’.

Letters: A field day for social

13 March 2014

With 100 days to go to the World Cup kick-off, you’d hope that most brands have their marketing strategy nailed on by now. No doubt, though, that the next few months will be buzzing with opportunity. For the players, social media may well be in lock-down but for brands it is surely set to be the most colourful canvas. Opportunists such as Paddy Power are going to have a field day while the prospect of multi-brand ...

Time to treat marketers as a profession

Wed, 5 Mar 2014

I agree with Secret Marketer’s comments about the seemingly lack of professionalism in the marketing industry. All marketers will experience creating strategies, projects and campaigns only for colleagues to disagree with the ideas believing they can also ‘do marketing’. However, if an agency says the same, colleagues will agree with it as the agency is the ‘expert’. So why aren’t marketers treated the same? Is it ...

Whatsapp it all about? Data

Wed, 26 Feb 2014

Any efforts to integrate advertising on the WhatsApp platform will negate the user-experience and most likely drive people away. 

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