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Letters: The drawbacks of segmentation

10 April 2014

My mum has always been amused by my attempts to pigeonhole her into the ‘mum’ box. She is a Black Sabbath fan. An educational psychologist and a feminist.

Letters: Meet the locals

3 April 2014

Your article ‘New leverage in local media?’ rightly highlights the massive opportunity presented by the local TV revolution for brands seeking to reach new audiences.

Letters: Traffic light confusion

27 March 2014

I see Lucy Tesseras’s point in her article ‘Understanding food labels’ and support healthy messaging on packs.

A slice of support for kingsmill’s great white

Wed, 19 Mar 2014

I don’t usually disagree with Mark Ritson but this time he’s laid it on a bit thick in ‘Why Kingsmill will fail to butter up the public’.

Letters: A field day for social

13 March 2014

With 100 days to go to the World Cup kick-off, you’d hope that most brands have their marketing strategy nailed on by now. No doubt, though, that the next few months will be buzzing with opportunity. For the players, social media may well be in lock-down but for brands it is surely set to be the most colourful canvas. Opportunists such as Paddy Power are going to have a field day while the prospect of multi-brand ...

Time to treat marketers as a profession

Wed, 5 Mar 2014

I agree with Secret Marketer’s comments about the seemingly lack of professionalism in the marketing industry. All marketers will experience creating strategies, projects and campaigns only for colleagues to disagree with the ideas believing they can also ‘do marketing’. However, if an agency says the same, colleagues will agree with it as the agency is the ‘expert’. So why aren’t marketers treated the same? Is it ...

Whatsapp it all about? Data

Wed, 26 Feb 2014

Any efforts to integrate advertising on the WhatsApp platform will negate the user-experience and most likely drive people away. 

Prepare for Facebook’s next decade

Wed, 12 Feb 2014

Brands who will benefit from Facebook the most over the next 10 years will be those that have more detailed insight about their community. It’s not a numbers game, it’s all about engagement. With access to even more information, retailers will be able to understand how and why 

Letters: Think small but also smart

Wed, 5 Feb 2014

It’s satisfying and timely to hear Mark Ritson call for a focus on Small Data over Big Data. A report published this week by The World Federation of Advertisers and The Customer Framework found that across 47 member organisations the secret to tangible data success needs is a strategic focus on what data is needed and how it will then be used. Technology is a key enabler but without a data strategy to direct it and the ...

Look to America

30 January 2014

In memory of David Bolsher

Wed, 22 Jan 2014

David was an energetic, respected and well liked consumer marketer who had a positive impact in all the organisations at which he worked during his 24-year career that was tragically cut short.

Vision of success for video on Facebook

9 January 2014

Consumer reactions to the news that Facebook will test video ads that play automatically within user social feeds (Facebook confirms autoplay video ads test) highlights how important it is for brands to create video experiences that are both relevant and non-intrusive. While images and video are crucial tools for brands as they are ...

The customer is always first

19 December 2013

As a shopper marketing agency we were astounded to read the shameful list of basic errors made by the so-called ‘creative agencies’ the Secret Marketer briefed. But, when you say ‘creative agencies’, is it fair to assume that their core focus is developing awareness through mass media based ideas? And from this you develop activation campaigns?

Research's creative riches

Wed, 11 Dec 2013

Many creative marketers and advertisers dislike research because they often think of it as focus groups that tend to water down or kill creative ( However, insights via market research can actually fuel creative and lead to award-winning campaigns, such as the ‘Think B4 You Speak’ campaign, targeting teens who use the term ‘gay’ as a negative adjective.

Marketers' sustainability shout-out

5 December 2013

The problem with corporate social responsibility (CSR) is that like so many terms it has become a label that is in danger of losing the meaning of the words behind it.

Partnerships, not pitches

14 November 2013

The best measure of success in pitching should be fewer pitches – a concept that might be counter-intuitive for heads of new business.This is why the IPA is developing a joint industry model charter from which clients and agencies can cherry pick to suit their needs.

Don't be cheap

Wed, 6 Nov 2013

John Lewis's loyalty plot

24 October 2013

John Lewis holds a strong position as a leader in multichannel retailing, yet how successful the new loyalty scheme will be is entirely dependent on how data is used and managed across all its existing channels ( This requires some hefty analysis and the lack of appropriate tools 

AEG has started something with trade sponsorships

17 October 2013

How refreshing to hear Kimberly Kriss speak of her ambitions to put data and marketing rigour at the heart of AEG Europe. 

Brands and the cultural exchange

10 October 2013

Your ‘Cultural Crossover’ article raised excellent points on brands’ attempts to be part of or influence culture. Perhaps the most successful brands have always done this, albeit through traditional channels – Coca-Cola challenging racial stereotypes in the 1950s and Nike’s sports myth of ‘performing beyond all expectations’ worked cleverly in the 1980s to assuage US fears over job losses in the face of globalisation. ...

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