The Secret Marketer is one of you. He or she is an anonymous marketer in a large business, dealing with the daily trials and tribulations of proving the value of marketing, commissioning advertising and adopting new techniques to reach customers. The Secret Marketer tells Marketing Week exactly what is on his or her mind.

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Email withdrawal just isn’t possible

Wed, 1 Oct 2014 | By Secret Marketer

Email etiquette and email anxiety can derail best intentions.

Mindi Chalal 654 400

There is no such thing as a generic customer

Wed, 1 Oct 2014 | By Mindi Chahal

Brands should be using insight to better understand specific consumer behaviour. 

Ruth Mortimer 654 400

The big messages from the Big Apple’s Advertising Week event

Wed, 1 Oct 2014 | By Ruth Mortimer

Two big themes have emerged so far: programmatic and native.

Mark Ritson

Tweet, post and blog all you like but first talk

Wed, 1 Oct 2014 | By Mark Ritson

Forget about content marketing and social for a minute and talk to your customers. 

There's more to visual identity than a logo

2 October 2014

Our relationships with brands in the world seem to involve more kinds of verbal and visual language than ever before. And so much of what we see of a brand gets stripped down to the basics on small screens or brief flashes of content. In situations like those, a logo is a blunt tool, but phrasing and typography are the precision instruments.

Lucy Tesseras 654 400

Why are online retailers still ignoring personalisation?

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 | By Lucy Tesseras

It’s shocking that just two per cent of online retailers think personalisation is important.

Russell Parsons 654 400

Charity mailers should be wary of growth

Mon, 29 Sep 2014 | By Russell Parsons

News mail and door drop spend is up should not be cause for celebration.

Lara O'Reilly 654 400

4 lessons learnt from 4 years writing about digital marketing

Fri, 26 Sep 2014 | By Lara O'Reilly

From the allure of ad tech to the facade of social media metrics, here’s what I’ve learnt on the way.

Branwell Johnson

Customer satisfaction should be every retailer’s goal

Thu, 25 Sep 2014 | By Branwell Johnson

A key reason for Tesco’s decline is a lack of customer focus.

Lucy Tesseras 654 400

Marketers should get smarter with digital to get people back to the big screen

Wed, 24 Sep 2014 | By Lucy Tesseras

Consumers go to the cinema 2.8 times a year.

Jonathan Earl

The highs, lows and hitches of being a marketer abroad

Wed, 24 Sep 2014 | By Jonathan Earl

Just how do you prepare for a marketing life in a new land?

Ruth Mortimer 654 400

As the NFL crisis shows, business must set standards

Wed, 24 Sep 2014 | By Ruth Mortimer

Brands need a mix of people in leadership roles to stay responsible and relevant.

Nathalie Nahai 600 366

A self-regulated gambling industry is just too risky

Wed, 24 Sep 2014 | By Nathalie Nahaï

The success of gambling businesses depends largely on people not gambling responsibly.

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