Ryvita launches new TV ads

Ryvita is launching a television advertising campaign, aimed at introducing more women to the crispbread brand.

The TV campaign titled ‘For Ladies that Crunch’, will air from today (2 February) and will be supported by a wider digital and PR marketing campaign. It is the first to not feature a celebrity brand ambassador.

Ryvita says it is “designed to bring to life the crunchy wholegrain taste of Ryvita Crispbread and Minis…the advertising will resonate with all women who enjoy tasty and healthy food and look for a bit of variety.”

The campaign aims to highlight the delicious wholegrain taste and crunchy texture of Ryvita Crispbread, and position it as the perfect partner to soups or salads and suggests toppings, from mozzarella, tomato and basil to prawn, mango and avocado.

The ads feature four new characters, Milly, Ali, Jane and Erica, as office friends who enjoy sharing stories of love, life and toppings over their lunch. The four friends will also be promoting the range of Ryvita Minis healthier snacks, available in four flavours - sweet chilli, cream cheese & chive, salt & vinegar and cheddar & onion.

Carol Welch, marketing and research and development director for the Jordans and Ryvita Company, says: “Ryvita is an iconic British brand conjuring up strong associations with healthy eating for millions of women all over the UK. The new ads reinforce the fact that Ryvita is a delicious everyday healthy eating choice that can be enjoyed with a whole range of foods, including soups and salads as well as a host of delicious toppings. It’s also perfect for sharing!

“The four friends create a warm and funny creative route that builds engagement with the brand while gently encouraging wider use of Ryvita Crispbread as an everyday healthy eating choice.”

The ad is the first not to feature former This Morning host Fern Britton, whose contract with Ryvita expired last year.

Welch adds: “We’re confident that people will take the ‘Ladies that Crunch’ to heart in the same way that they have with all previous Ryvita brand ambassadors, that include Julie Andrews, Ulrika Jonnson and Ruby Wax as well as Fern.”

To support the campaign Ryvita is launching a monthly e-newsletter with news, offers and recipe ideas where subscribers will be encouraged to share their favourite tips and ideas.

It is Ryvita’s first activity created by Grey London after the agency won the account in June last year.

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  • The new Ryvita ad is offensive, patronising and just plain bad! Sack the agency. There no way I'd buy a product that sees fit to portray its (all female) customers as such stereotyped, shallow idots!

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  • I have absolutely no idea what anyone could find offensive in the ad, that statement is completely OTT! I do not feel the woman are stereotypes either. They are a mix of 4 women with different characters who are warm and relatable. Shallow idots why? Because one has picked up the wrong tuppaware box and the others have a giggle? Lighten up, it crunchy snacks and real women, nothing offensive there?

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  • I agree that the advert - in which the four women offer suggestions of what they would like to change about the life - is offensive. It annoys me every time I see it, to the point where I simply had to find the right site to comment on it. The implications from the women's answers are that the only things about the LIFE that they consider important enough to want to change are physical attributes - that LIFE for all women (well, these four reps at least) has to do with looking beautiful and svelte. "C'mon girls - we're worth more than that!"

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  • I agree it makes me ashamed to be a woman. No im not joking im being serious i hate the advert. Sorry but that's just my personal opinion.

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