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Sci-Fi magazine to be beamed into space

Jonathan Harwood

SFXFuture Publishing is hoping to expand the readership of its science fiction and fantasy magazine, SFX, by beaming the title into outer space. It will launch with its June issue on May 7.

The Bath-based publisher has signed what it describes as "a pioneering intergalactic distribution deal" with SentForever, a gift company that specialises in beaming messages into space as radio waves.

A digital version every edition of the magazine will now be sent to Goonhilly satellite station in Cornwall and fired into space from a satellite dish, at 671 million miles per hour. The radio waves will continue to travel through the stars for eternity. It is thought each edition will take around five years to reach the nearest star to the earth.

Future Publishing says that the offer of a partnership between the Sci-Fi title and SentForever was "a perfect fit, which was too good to pass up".

SFX hopes the stunt will help it gain ground over rivals SciFiNow, published by Imagine Publishing, and Blackfish Publishing-onwed title Death Ray. SFX has also signed up as a sponsor for the seventh London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film later this month.

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