Birds Eye offers fans food in exchange for Instagram pics

Birds Eye is opening a pop-up restaurant that allows diners to settle the bill by paying with a picture of their meals as part of its wider experimentations with social commerce.


Birds Eye has opened a restaurant where fans receive free meals in exchange for posting pictures of their meals.

The Iglo Group-owned business claims the “Picture House” restaurant is a world first and turns the trend of people snacking snaps of their meals on its head. Diners who tag Instagram snaps of their meals with the #BirdsEyeInspirations waver the bill.

Birds Eye expects the move to generate buzz around the launch of its Inspirations range, which are being marketed as superior evening meals through TV, in-store and sampling activity.

The social commerce mechanic uses insight that over half of the nation (52 per cent) regularly take photos of their meals, according to Birds Eye. One in ten (11 per cent) take at least one snap of their meals every week with nine per cent of Brits admitting to not being able to go a day without snapping a picture of one of their meals.

The pay-by-picture restaurant is the latest social commerce test from Birds Eye as it looks to better measure the returns the channel provides. Links to purchase foods in social media posts have been trialled in recent months, alongside forging stronger ecommerce ties with supermarkets.

Margaret Jobling, Birds Eye marketing director, told Marketing Week the restaurant aims to increase its understanding of how social media works with other channels such as TV.

She adds: “There’s a historical belief that companies should put all their money in TV  in order to build brands however, with our new ‘Food Of Life’ strategy Birds Eye is recognising the importance of understanding how we can use TV in conjunction with other channels.

“The Picture House appeals to the current trend of taking photos of our food and sharing them on social channels and we feel that this is an exciting platform on which to champion two new premium products.”  

The initiative is part of a £16m push to make Birds Eye foods more appealing to adult diners following a strategic overhaul of how Iglo grows its frozen brands last year.

The pop-up restaurant at the Ice Tank in Soho will serve diners this week (13 and 14 May) before visiting Manchester and Leeds in June.

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