Amazon rebrands Lovefilm Instant to take on Netflix

Amazon is rebranding its Lovefilm Instant streaming service in the UK and merging it with its Prime subscription service to create one offering, Amazon Prime Instant Video, as it takes on rival Netflix.


Amazon rebrands Lovefilm Instant to Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime currently offers members one-day delivery on purchases from the online retailer and access to half a million Kindle ebooks for £49 a year. Lovefilm Instant, meanwhile, gives members access to more than 15,000 films and TV programmes for £72 a year.

Under the rebrand, customers will now get access to both services for £79 a year. Amazon will hope that price can help it challenge Netflix, which charges its customers £5.99 a month, or around £72 a year and has seen revenues and subscriber numbers increase on the back of increased investment in content, including Breaking Bad and House of Cards, as well as improved marketing effectiveness, it claimed

The move brings the UK into line with the US, where the Lovefilm brand has never operated. The Lovefilm brand will continue to be used in the UK for the DVD postal arm of the company.

Amazon claims the merger is a good deal for customers because the combined package will cost 35 per cent less than it currently charges to pay for each service separately. Current Prime members will also gain access to unlimited streaming at the current price until their renewal date.

However, Prime members will see their annual subscription rise by £30 when they renew, even if they don’t want access to the films and TV shows. A number of people have criticised the move on Twitter, threatening to cancel their Prime subscription of Amazon increases the cost.

Lovefilm Instant members will see little change beyond the rebrand and will still be able to pay £5.99 a month, although they can now rent and purchase digital downloads of new movies such as Captain Philips for an extra charge.

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  • Bit of a strange product mix here - those people that choose to consume their media online via streaming are now being offered a delivery service. Whilst those that prefer physical items arriving via post are now being offered streaming. Not sure how this will fare...

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  • There it was, a really well named and humanistic brand identity, clear in its intention and consumer focused.

    A triple headed, corporate minded replacement is a step back indeed for this product.

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  • Yeah absolutely agree Derek. Plus i really dont want "pay for" content pushed in my face at every oportunity when i already pay them to stream vids. Wonder how much they will make out of having 1st series available on prime instant, then having to pay for subsequent ones, either on DVD or via streaming.

    The linking of my amazon and Lovefilm account is the most frustrating thing though, i dont want the details to cross over to amazon; the address i want delivery to for purchased items isnt the same place i want my DVD rentals sent...(postman has limited access to my flat, no prob with sliding DVD rentals under comunal door, but cant fit an amazon package under there). Of course you have no choice, and even worse is the fact they have made it impossible to access your lovefilm account without linking to amazon. So im not even sure how i can cancel, i would need to link the accounts to find out!!! I think i'll just reverse the card purchase with my credit card company.

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  • As of the 27/02/14, I have cancelled my online streaming account, I do not like its layout, and in its current format it is too easy for children to accidently buy or order online movies or tv series some as expensive as £30, it also fails to inform you upfront, that by default there is no purchase security in place, and this can only be set up after looking through a minefield of information on your amazon account.

    Just a thought for Amazon to consider,
    All you have done is destroyed a service, that was not broken, and in the process you have completely wrecked it.

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  • Lovefilm sadly isn't what it used to be..
    We've just ended both of our subscriptions..( that was initially one subscription! ).
    It was so so confusing. . beyond a joke.
    Total rubbish in my opinion! !!!

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