Sony pulls out of 10:10 climate change campaign

Sony is pulling its support of the climate change campaign 10:10 after slamming the video that showed school children being blown up as “ill-conceived and tasteless”.

The video, created by Blackadder and Four Weddings and a Funeral writer Richard Curtis, shows shows schoolchildren, actress Gillian Anderson and ex-footballer David Ginola being blown up for not caring about climate change.

The gruesome four minute video ends with the caption: “Cut your Carbon by 10%. No pressure.” It was withdrawn from the campaign last week after widespread complaints.

Sony said that while it had fully supported 10:10 and its objectives, but that video was released entirely without its knowledge or involvement, and therefore it was disassociating itself from the campaign.

The company’s logo has today been removed from the 10:10 website.
In a statement the technology brand says: “The company considers the video to be ill-conceived and tasteless.”

“We also believe this video risks undermining the work of the many thousands of members of the public, schools and universities, local authorities and many businesses, of which Sony is one, who support the long-term aims of the 10:10 movement and who are actively working towards the reduction of carbon emissions”

“Sony believes that it had no other option than to also condemn the video in the strongest possible terms and Sony is disassociating itself from 10:10 at this time,” the company adds.

The 10:10 campaign is designed to encourage people, business and government to cut their carbon emissions by 10%.

Founded by film director Franny Armstrong, 10:10 is backed by a range of organisations including Comic Relief, O2 and Sony.

Yesterday, O2 confirmed it was sticking with the campaign, stating 10:10 was an independent organisation and it had no editorial control over the content of its campaigns.

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  • Good for Sony. I'm still waiting for O2 to explain to me why I should remain a customer of theirs. I hope this proves to be a lesson for other clueless companies who think that supporting environmental fanatics is a smart thing to do.

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  • Nothing much you can say about such an irresponsible marketing video. Think the producer must have done some political awareness training with the Taliban!

    But worse - the 10:10 campaign is amount as pointless as it is tasteless. 10% is a fixed reduction, demand due to population growth is exponential - result stop trying to save and reduce the population.

    Ah maybe I've just got the sub-message of the video :)

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  • Unbelievable that 10:10 could even contemplate that the video would do them any good. Awful, appalling and so poorly conceived that you wonder about people's sanity. This one act could ruin 10:10 as an organisation

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  • I believe the images in the video were no more shocking than Zombie invasion or other cult horror images. Sometimes such images are needed for action.

    I am not an environmentalist but this campaign has served its purpose - to get noticed. Sony using this as a reason just gives them an excuse to pull out of something they possibly don;t really care about.

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  • I didn't like the promo. It was clumsy and the message was confusing. But what is clear is that maximum publicity was the aim and the resulting moral outrage and subsequent ban has boosted awareness of the campaign extremely well.
    Sony's response is so heavy-handed I am a little perplexed. Presumably they are still committed to climate change action (or at least look like they are) and currently the 10:10 campaign is at the top of that agenda and thus a good bet to make positive change a reality.
    Is it not better to put it down to mere over-enthusiasm and look past one bad judgement call for the greater good?

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  • Climate Change is not a joke. It is and will affect everyone. However some "smart" creative has got this so wrong. We need to engage not turn off as there are still credibility barriers when it comes to this topic. Well done Sony. We are long time users of the brand in business and champions of clean tech solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. We chose right!

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  • I personally feel it is a very good - a surprisingly well thought out promo by 10:10!

    If someone had said 10:10 to me before this week - they would have just received a blank look.

    I think the people who are expressing "moral" outrage are precisely the people the campaign is not trying to reach with it - the people who are likely to be offended by it are the sorts of people who are likely to being taking steps towards reducing their carbon footprint. The people who are likely to make it a Viral YouTube hit are the sort of people who give no great thought to climate change.

    It's bold, it's risky, it's shocking and it's about time climate change campaigns got a little edge and started to push into parts of society that aren't traditional climate change advocates.

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  • The problem, I think, is more in the way this 19:10 promo essentially brands the environmentalist movement as a whole - this has been hugely upsetting for a lot of environmentalists who have campaigned - peacefully and through education - for years, just to see 10:10 destroy our reputation.

    Furthermore, people are extremely frustrated that it took three long days before a decent (non-flippant) apology was made. Franny Armstrong remains silent on this issue - this I find far more concerning than the puerile, idiotic premise of the promo.

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  • I believe in free speech, the duty of citizens to question authority, & the right to hold opinions that differ from the majority.

    In my view, this video expresses contempt for the all of the above. The unmistakable message is that, if you think differently from those in authority you deserve to be summarily executed.

    This message cannot be tolerated. Killing people for having an opinion that differs from your own is not a joke.

    Sony has absolutely done the right thing.There are hundreds of other organizations linked to the 10:10 that now need to do the same.

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  • How did this creative idea get past the initial board stages?! It's phenomenally bad concept and it intrigues me how an organization could ever let anything quite as badly conceived get past any kind of a sign off process.

    In addition to questioning the whole management structure of 10:10, it's a pretty salient warning that managers and agencies need to actively manage talent - presumably no-one in the group dared to question Richard Curtis or the concept of blowing up schoolchildren. Really quite unbelievable.

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