Currys and PC World tap into emotion of football in new campaign

Currys and PC World are hoping to tap into the excitement surrounding the upcoming football World Cup with a brand campaign aimed at positioning the retailer as the go-to destination for people wanting to buy new TVs in the run-up to the competition.

Video: Currys and PC World’s new campaign shows men trying to convince their partners to buy a new TV

The TV spots, created by AMV BBDO, launch tonight (1 May) and show men trying to convince their partners to buy a new TV while pretending its not because of the upcoming football. While the ads are aimed at promoting Currys & PC World’s range of smart TVs, unlike previous ads from the retailers they don’t feature the products themselves, instead focusing on the story of the couples.

Katie Bickerstaffe, UK and Ireland chief executive at Currys and PC World owner Dixons Retail, says: “The new creative marks a step change for our business in the way we talk about our brand and products to our customers. This summer will see an unprecedented amount of football action which we know many of our customers are deeply passionate about.

“With these ads we want to tap into that emotion, letting our customers know we are the destination for televisions and a host of other tech upgrades ahead of this summer’s big football tournament.”

Currys and PC World is launching an online hub hosting an on online buyers guide that runs viewers through the right questions to ask when looking for a new TV. Its usual Cash for Goals promotion will also run, offering registered customers £10 for every goal England score in the World Cup and £5 for every Brazil goal that can be used when purchasing a large screen TV.

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  • Did this ad concept travel back in time from the 1970s? It's so dated and patronising it's frightening. All the women I know are going to be watching the World Cup too, and can't wait until it starts. Shame on this agency, especially with a female executive shilling the concept too. Shame on you, Currys / PC World as well. Get with the programme, you numpties

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  • Cava Supernova - please stop whining and get into reality. Most of the audience for football is male. Men are most likely to want a bigger tv screen to watch it. Just because "all the women you know" like football doesn't make this a global reality - anecdotal evidence does not good research make. The concept is based on ether - a- the reality for most people, or - b - an accepted role association most people can relate to. If you really want to complain about stereotyping have a go at yet another ad that suggests men are basically children or household pets who need a woman's permission or approval before doing something they like.

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