Camelot to double National Lottery prices

Camelot is doubling the price of National Lottery tickets for the first time in almost 20 years in an overhaul of its weekly offering taking place in 2013 after market research indicated gamers wanted bigger payouts and more chances to win prizes.


The price of a Lotto line will increase to £2 this year - the first since the National Lottery launched in 1994 - with prize money for matching three numbers increasing from £10 to £25 and average jackpot prizes increasing to £5m on Saturday draws and £2.5m on those taking place on Wednesdays.

The changes will also see the introduction of a new Lotto raffle that will generate over 50 weekly winners of a £20,000 prize in each draw according to Camelot.

Camelot developed the renewed offering after consultations with National Lottery players which indicated they wanted more diverse chances to win with bigger prizes without fundamental changes to the core proposition. See chart at bottom of story for full list of prize options.

Andy Duncan, Camelot UK’s MD, says: “We’ve spoken extensively with Lotto players to develop a re-energised game and the changes we’ll be introducing in the autumn to rejuvenate Lotto will give them what they have asked for.”

The updated offering will be promoted with a through the line campaign set to launch ahead of the changes coming into effect this autumn. It comes as Camelot reports that it has seen a 35 per cent increase in sales since 2002 and an increase in the number of people playing the game by 12 per cent in the last five years.

Earlier this week, Marketing Week revealed that O2’s existing marketing director Sally Cowdry was scheduled to join Camelot in the position of marketing and consumer director.

Readers' comments (26)

  • When this totally unecessary increase comes in I shall vote with my feet as the saying goes and not play the national lottery. If enough people did this they would have to re-think. The hype about it being necessary because of what players want can only be bull***. At the moment I play fairly regularly, about £5 per week, this shall be transferred to the health lottery.

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  • They call it the" people's lottery". well should the people not have a say in their lottery? The current profits that Camelot earn are sickening, so to double the price of a ticket is just daylight robbery.I will certainly NOT ! be playing if this price increase happens .
    Its high time the people stand firm on this and show the greedy managers who actually pay their wage each week, where would they be without the lottery players ?.Maybe then they would be the ones looking in their spare change tin to put a ticket in ,only to find that the ordinary punter does not keep two pound coins in their spare change tin, !!
    signed an ex lottery player.

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  • so the government who appose gambling in principal are going along with this, this is a disgrace, pensioners will find the £2 a step too far. Camelot should not have the right to increase the cost, they were granted the franchise to serve us not to dictate and make huge profits, the government should take it over or let Branson do it.

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  • Well said Jamie Craig. Everybody i know is so disappointed at the major increase yet living each day is a struggle. The lottery as it stands is my little bit of sunshine and hope each week the only one thing i pay as a luxury. The rest of my one goes on feeding and taking care of my family and their needs. I wouldn't change budget or take anything from my family to feed a greedy company and nobody i know would either. Camelot are totally disgraceful for even trying to divide society in this way. As for the people that say the gain in winning would be higher we all buy tickets now and are happy with the winnings we sometimes gain, so yet again its down to pure greed! !! Well done on making a tough society even more divided.

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  • i cannot tell you how disappointing the increase for a lottery ticket is. i run a syndicate which I do on line so each month a large amount of money is taken from my account to cover the cost. This in itself is ok but have you tried to get money out of some people, it can be a struggle, imagine how difficult it will become when the tickets are £2 each. making the increase has made me decide to give up the syndicate I run when the increase takes place which is a shame for the people involved .

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  • I simply don’t believe that the MR stated has been correctly interpreted. Instead, this seems to be a convenient (profitable) interpretation of the truth from Camelot.

    Whilst the research may state that people want 'bigger pay-outs and more chances to win prizes', nowhere above does it state that people would be willing to double the cost of entry to gain these things.

    Surely those that are happy to increase spend by 100% would already increase their chance of a pay-out by placing x2 bets rather than 1 bet?
    This solves the 'more chances of winning' ask without presenting a barrier to entry.

    Similarly, I don’t think there's any one player demanding that the multi-million Jackpot isn't high enough. Instead, I suspect that what people are really asking for is an increase in the smaller pay-outs that are more likely to be won, such as increasing the prize for getting 3 numbers from £10 to £50 or higher odds of winning any sum on a scratch card.

    The new game seems to simply be a convenient (profitable) interpretation of the truth from Camelot, rather than the customer-centric proposition that they purport it to be.

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  • .Camelot have a licence to print money how dare they make a 100% increase in ticket
    prices, how greedy can a company get?
    My money is not going into there coffers anymore the big boys there get plenty as it now. I will now invest my money with the Health Lottery and i will advise my friends to do the same

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  • My wife already questions our 6 Pounds a week that we have paid ever since it has started (312 *18 yrs) = 5616 pounds this

    will now tip her over the edge as well as me so goodbye from us as we will be joining the many other millions voting with our feet.

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  • Twice the cost. Twice as many chances to win which means it now is just 7,000,000 to1 l'll have a go!

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  • Sheer greed on Camelot's part.When we told of the National Lottery by John Major all the news at the time was about the potential jackpots & we were promised 'Superdraws' every month or so...can anyone remember the last superdraw we had?....We have been conned conned & more conned. The jackpots are still pathetic compared with the recent introduction of the Euro Millions but then again the odds are 78 million to 1 against.

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