Tesco pulls all advertising from Facebook group pages

Charlotte McEleny

TescoTesco has today pulled its advertising from all Facebook group pages after new media age revealed the brand’s ads were being served alongside inappropriate and “offensive” content.

The move is a policy change for Tesco, which will now only advertise on the Facebook home page or profile pages.

The issue of ad misplacement on the social network resurfaced this week when advertising for Tesco, Vodafone and O2 appeared beside groups supporting Holocaust denial and for controversial far-right political party the BNP.

A spokesman for Tesco, said, “We have changed our policy for advertising on Facebook. We have taken the decision that our ads won’t be appearing against any groups.”

Vodafone has also removed its advertising from the offending pages. A Vodafone spokesman, said, “We have removed our advertising from the offensive group and are working closely with Facebook and our media agency Carat to ensure more robust controls are in place.”

The latest issues come despite prevention measures put in place by Facebook in August 2007 to give brands the ability to opt out of advertising around group pages.

The move followed the media furore that erupted after the likes of COI, The AA and Vodafone pulled out of advertising with the social network when their ads were served beside the BNP’s group profile.

A Facebook spokesman told new media age, “We give advertisers the tools to control where their ads appear. This includes the ability to make sure they don’t appear on any groups. We’re closely monitoring the groups and have already removed several of them.”

This story first appeared on newmediaage.co.uk

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