TV Licensing presses button on new campaign

TV Licensing is launching a new campaign under the banner “Push a Little Button”.

The ads will which will be rolled out from Saturday (23 January).

The campaign, made up of BBC TV and radio trails, is designed to encourage people to think of TV Licensing’s website as the first port of call for anything relating to their TV Licence.

The site has recently been updated to make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to use and the range of options on the website has also been expanded.

The TV ad has been developed by Abbott Mead Vickers together with PHD and BBC Media and illustrates all the things we are able to do quickly and easily each day at the simple push of a button - from unlocking the car and popping up toast to updating our licence details online.

Both radio and TV executions feature the voice of Johnny Ball, who concludes each trail, saying, ‘It’s easier online’. The ad is soundtracked by the song “Push A Little Button” sung by Ninette and written by Tony Hatch in the 60s.

The radio trail uses the same track and the voiceover talks about the new and improved website which is simpler than ever for people to use.

Peter Kirk, head of sales and marketing for TV Licensing at the BBC, says:”Push a Little Button” has a simple theme outlining a clear message. Both these, and the catchy tune, grab people’s attention.

“A better website means more convenience for customers, which in turn means lower collection costs and more income for BBC programmes and services. We’ve driven costs down very effectively over recent years* and this campaign will help us continue to do so.”

TV Licensing aims to make it as easy as possible for people to pay for their licence. The new campaign reflects the role of computer technology in delivering these aims. It follows the ‘Circuit City’ creative which replaced the ‘Sofa’ campaign in April 2008.

The BBC is now in the early stages of a review of its advertising agency roster.

Readers' comments (12)

  • Love the advert which is made by the "push a little button " song. Where Can I download the ringtone from ? I believe this would be a cracker for a mobile. ( Tv & Radio adds should be supported with ringtone availability for the music themes as it extends to a reinforced audiance for nearley free.)

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  • I think the "Push a Little Button" ad is one of the most childish, infuriating, inana and inappropriate ads I have ever seen. Treats us all like 5-year-olds; seems to be advertising a coffee-making machine or some other consumer appliance - anything but TV licensing. Puerile rhymes, too. Bet you the author is a teenager [or the director's wife]! ! Hate it!

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  • I love this terrific, catchy little song...and with all the emphasis in our lives on technology, these days, the lyrics really do somehow strike a very simple, yet relevant note. I hope everyone goes to ITunes and downloads it and it ends up in the Top Five UK Singles Chart...might even get to no. 1 if enough people buy it online!

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  • Far from being puerile, the lyrics are very effective and put the message over perfectly. Written by the great Tony Hatch in the mid-60s for Ninette, the song seems to be generating a lot of interest, enough to make it a 'hit' perhaps.

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  • Infuriating, patronising waste of bbc licencepayers money. The bbc meta ad culture drives me mad.

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  • The soundtrack song, Ninette - Push a Little Button, is now available on iTunes.

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  • Maybe the subtlety of the song has passed a lot of people by. I think it's an anti-war song which is concerned with society withdrawing from reality and pushing little buttons to get things done.
    Perhaps the song is deliberately recorded to sound child-like to make the message of the song more poignant - the final line of the song goes something like, "One little man presses one little button and pphhhttt goes you and me".
    There's something quite funny about the way it's been misappropriated in the context of the ad.

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  • thankyou treaclepops! im glad im not alone. how thick are the bbc to use this song! 'what about you and me?' we dont care about you license-payers - just press the little button and pay up!

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  • Well done Ninette!!! Just embrace a fun, catchy tune written for a sister....nothing sinister at all...

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  • WOW great advertising way.
    Can anyone give me the whole lyrics, cause I can`t fully understand what she sings when the guy starts talking.
    and the sentence before the guys starts talking, couldn`t get the word, sorry

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